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Our Story

Yara Mersi - Owner of OatfulHey!ūüĎ謆 I'm Yara, Founder of Oatful.
I grew up eating overnight oats every single day for breakfast, which changed my life. With all the extracurriculars I was involved in during high school to attending my dream Ivy League school, I always started each day with a run. 
It became the first positive habit that gave me this awesome nutritional win every single morning. It also led me to make better decisions throughout the rest of the day. But the make-it-yourself version required too much time to prepare. And at the supermarket, almost every oatmeal in the aisle is stuck in that old paradigm of empty carbs, sugars and cheap ingredients. And they were all the same, bland flavors!
Plus, as I learned more about the food industry and nutrition, I became¬†vexed at society‚Äôs approach to food. The food industry has been manipulating the masses, and the global perception of nutrition has been distorted‚Äďbecoming an unhealthy obsession. This made me compelled to prove that delicious food and healthy food do not have to be mutually exclusive. So,¬†at¬†16 I gave a¬†TED talk¬†about my thoughts on¬†the importance of food and the influence of the food industry.¬†¬†

But instead of just talking about it,¬†I decided to launch a product that embodied my way of thinking, and UAE's first premium high protein‚ÄĒovernight oats mix‚ÄĒ was born.¬†
My journey to combat the food industry starts with the most important (but also the most neglected) meal: breakfast. I want to bring back the excitement to breakfast we once had when we were kids and make people look forward to breakfast waiting for them in the morning. There’s something very important about starting your morning right.