Our Story

Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by nutrition. I was amazed you could alter the way you felt through the foods you ate. 

This captivation made me compelled to prove that delicious and healthy food do not have to be mutually exclusive. So, at 16 I gave a TED talk about my thoughts on the importance of food and the influence of the food industry. The food industry has been manipulating the masses, and the global perception of nutrition has been distorted – becoming an unhealthy obsession. 

With all the extracurriculars I was involved in during high school and balancing my 4.0 GPA, I started each day with a run. I would prepare my own overnight oats for breakfast every morning, but when I didn't have time to prepare them the night before, I couldn't find any affordable, filling alternatives at the school cafeteria or in the supermarket shelves.

I was always entrepreneurial at heart, I even sold lemonade, juices and other healthy treats to my community.

I knew what was driving me could have a wider reach.

I wanted to promote my approach of bridging the gap between health and happiness, but even that wasn’t enough. 

Rather than continuing to just talk about it, I decided to launch a brand that embodied my way of thinking…


My journey to combat the food industry starts with the most important (but also the most neglected) meal: breakfast. 

I want to bring back the excitement to breakfast we once had when we were kids and make people look forward to breakfast waiting for them in the morning. There’s something very important about starting your morning right.