Our Story

Yara, our Founder, was always vexed at society’s approach to nutrition. She was fed up with the food industry manipulating the masses, and annoyed at how the global perception of eating had been distorted – becoming an unhealthy obsession. She felt compelled to prove that delicious food and healthy food do not have to be mutually exclusive. She gave a TED Talk all about her thoughts at the age of 16. She began selling lemonade, juices and other healthy treats to her community. She even started her own instagram promoting to bridge the gap between health and indulgence. But she felt it wasn’t enough. Rather than just talking about it, she decided to launch a product....oatful! She wanted to start with the most important (but also the most neglected) meal: breakfast.

“I want to bring back the excitement to breakfast we once had when we were kids and make people look forward to breakfast waiting for them in the morning. There’s something very important about starting your morning right.”





Our Mission

We exist to create the healthiest breakfast without compromising on health, convenience or decadence.

We want to give breakfast the attention it deserves, so more people can get excited again, indulge without compromise and feel better.
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